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Beliefs & Philosophy

Our vision and approach

The Aurora Group members are bound together by a desire to challenge the status quo. To reveal the truth about wealth management and act as agents of change within the financial services industry.

We are a group of individual boutique wealth managers, who came together in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Our aim: to take a stand. To educate private clients, share best practice techniques and contribute to the profession.

As owner managed businesses, Aurora members think and act differently to public companies where profit is the ultimate maxim. We are not driven by short-term behaviour and unlike private bankers, our advisers are not compensated based on their ability to meet sales targets.

Drivers Of Change

Each member passionately believes in driving transformation within the financial services profession. We set-up our respective businesses to embrace a 'client first' mandate, validated through winning various awards and achieving client advocacy scores well above the industry average.

Previously, investors took comfort in working with big brand names in financial services. Today as headlines continue to uncover the wrongdoings of these providers, trust is being severely eroded.

Aurora members want to bring to light the key issues afflicting larger financial institutions. For example:

  • Sales targets create a severe conflict of interest;
  • Pursuit of short-term profit at the expense of long-term relationships;
  • Large compensation packages lead to a revolving door of talent;
  • Products promoted with the institution, not client, in mind; and
  • Opaque charges with multiple layers of hidden costs

A best kept secret

Without the large budgets of the big brand names, our businesses might be considered a best kept secret. By working together we are thought leaders with a voice to educate the market on the real value of independent wealth management, especially given we were pioneers of the inversion of the financial services value chain.