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Why us?

What we stand for

As a group we represent more than £1.7billion in assets under advice. Working together, and through our professional associations and affiliations, we are a real voice of change within the financial services profession.

Through this site and our whitepapers we will reveal the truth about wealth management - with evidence. Before the credit crisis the market was incredibly opaque. Today, large financial institutions are attracting more suspicion than ever. We are challenging the status quo, informing investors and shaping the evolution of the marketplace.

Private clients are generally not looked after by 'traditional' providers, with the associated high fees and incentivised sales force. As a group we prove that high standards still exist. Each member firm stands for honesty, integrity and trust. Adopting a modern approach, with traditional values.

Member Benefits

Member firms meet on a regular basis to share ideas, professional improvement techniques and best practice. Guest speakers contribute to the discussion on a broad range of topics from technology, to impact investing, senior industry issues and governance.

We believe that as a group we can deliver a stronger message, to a wider audience, while still managing and growing our own businesses. If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete our enquiry form.

Contribute to the Discussion

'Aurora' is the Roman Goddess of the dawn. We have adopted this name as it accurately captures our cause: to bring forth a new beginning and shape the rise of true wealth management in the eyes of the consumer.

We are always looking for speakers to contribute to the debate. If you are a known figure within the financial services profession, or government, and would like to participate in one of our round table discussions, please get in touch. Learn more about our members or most recent discussions.